Blockchain Innovation Workshop

The Blockchain Innovation Workshop took place in Como, December 2019. Its main objective was to reach consensus among project partners on DLT4All methodology – that is, on how to deliver the online and offline training courses. 

Participation was outstanding and the discussion fertile: UNIC, Gnomon, ComoNext, EBAN, SEERC, USC, University of Torino, and Insomnia got together over a three-days meeting to define the best approach for delivering the program both online and offline, to decide how to customize its content in order to satisfy the needs and interests of students, entrepreneurs, investors and incubator managers, and to evaluate different options for assessing the knowledge gained by attendees and releasing official certifications to those who successfully finish the course.  

Through several partners’ presentations and some cups of coffee, many ideas were brought to the table: the course will be available in a Light and Technical version for users with different levels of knowledge, each module will comprise a deck of slide, a couple of live sessions with instructors and some case studies, short assignments and self-assessments. Take-homes will be crafted as traditional tests as well as twisted interactively through gamification, and they will contribute to the grade achieved in the final exam. Beside the online learning, 8 offline sessions were planned in Cyprus, Italy, Greece and Spain starting in September 2020. Here, over 250 hours of training will be delivered by blockchain experts to more than 200 trainees among students and professionals.

Some issues remain open for discussion, mainly relating to certification: DLT4All aims to recognize ECTS credits to students and official certifications to professionals by entering universities study plans, and by partnering with test centers around the globe. These objectives will contribute to the long-term impact of the project and to its sustainability as recognized brand in the Blockchain and DLTs ecosystem. 

Indeed, some fruitful 72 hours, were brainstorming and setting ambitious goals accelerated DLT4All toward its goal of stepping up DLTs progress across Europe and beyond.