Domain: Advertising

Problem identification: 

To guarantee the properties of eco-friendliness, usefulness and centralization-resistance at the same time.

Why Blockchain: 

To reward “influencers” that help to create and propagate viral ad campaigns.

Functional Description

The Bytecent network connect brands and companies with social media influencers. Brands and companies use the bytecent token to reward influencers’ actions that help their ad campaigns.

Consensus mechanism used

  • Proof of Human-work (PoH)

Current status

  • Small network with less than one thousand sponsors and several thousand influencers.

Focus point commentary indicating the value of the case study in relation with learning modules

Learning Modules Focus Points

Consensus Presents a use case of the PoH consensus mechanism


  • Limited throughput performance.

Alternative Approaches:

  • The HUMAN protocol.


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