Classes on Smart Contracts

Blockchains, as a novel technology, have been a constant buzzword in business spaces and conferences for quite some time now. On top of that, talk of projects using Smart Contracts to act onto blockchains and leverage value has been steadily raising and garnering more attention since 2017 – when Ethereum started booming. We constantly hear about projects using Blockchain & Smart Contracts to do this and that, to aid in FinTech, in Digital Democracy, to be used for Supply Chain Management or in Digital Identity, or in the Health Industry…

Is the buzz warranted, however?
This is what we will explore together, over the course of these Smart Contract classes – not just a business-y, surface level presentation of them but a deep dive into the core concepts of blockchain smart contracts (what they are, how they work), into the technology of them (how they work on a technological level, how we program them, how they present a new way of approaching problems and related challenges) and finally what they mean for European Businesses . That is to say, how they can be utilised to aid production and unlock value, how they should be treated as a technological tool in business, all in the context of European Societies.

Our courses within this Learning Module are aimed towards any audience, no matter their knowledge background.
We include:

1. Core Concept classes, intended for a general audience which include
introductory classes to Smart Contracts and Ethereum,
2. Technology-oriented classes, intended for students with a background
in tech, where we study the actual programming and technology of
Smart Contracts, and
3. Business-oriented classes, intended for people with a background in
business or entrepreneurship, where we explore the “where and how”
Smart Contracts can bring forth the most value in the industry.

Our work is Open Source , it includes a lot of examples with actual code (constantly updated to the latest standards) – and is heavily referenced too, from contemporary journal papers & bibliography, to make sure you are provided with modern, actually-useful and practical knowledge on the concept of Smart Contracts.

Watch this space and join us in our classes, embark with us on a deep-dive into the world’s most talked about – but rarely understood – new technology! Blockchains & Smart Contracts are here to stay , and it is now a matter of which industry understands them well enough to leverage the most out of them.

Dimitris Sfounis && George Vagenas