DLT4All European Project on Blockchain Kicks off in Nicosia

University of Nicosia, Gnomon, EBAN, SEERC, University of Santiago de Compostela, Insomnia, University of Torino and ComoNeXT met for the first time as a consortium in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 3rd and 4th December, for the Kick Off Meeting of DLT4All. DLT4All aims to address the lack of understanding of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and their applications among European entrepreneurs, students, investors and incubator managers.

DLT and Blockchain can have significant impact, but many European entrepreneurs, angel investors and incubator managers are still not aware of their potential benefits and how it can help with growth and innovation. As for Universities, their curricula lack real-world cases from the business, investor and start-up worlds that would allow them to deeply understand and analyse state-of-the-art applications and blockchain-based technologies’ innovation potentials.

DLT4All will deliver a learning platform with 8 dedicated modules and supporting case studies, and online/offline training programme, evaluation, MOOC-style training, etc. Open to all, this agile platform will equip European students, entrepreneurs, investors and incubator managers with the necessary skills and knowledge they may be lacking. More particularly, these modules will tackle: (1) peer-to-peer database design, (2) encryption techniques, (3)consensus mechanisms, (4)smart contracts, (5)digital signatures, (6)property rights, (7)blockchain-based decentralised applications and (8)distributed autonomous organisations.

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