DLT4ALL Lab on Blockchain and DLT: Encryption Techniques

July 30, 2019 Insomnia Consulting organized the first laboratory event (Lab) on Blockchain technologies, held within the framework of the European project DLT4ALL, of which Insomnia is a partner.

Insomnia presented the project itself and the tasks where Insomnia is directly involved. This project aims to make Blockchain and Distributed Ledger (DLT) technologies and their applications understandable to entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, students, investors and incubator managers. Its mission is to prepare a Training Program (at the master level) in Blockchain, which provides the necessary skills and knowledge, and helps to understand the potential benefits that the adoption of these technologies can offer in terms of growth and innovation.

The DLT4ALL project is led by the University of Nicosia (Cyprus) and has 8 partners from Spain (Insomnia Consulting and the University of Santiago de Compostela), Cyprus (University of Nicosia), Greece (Gnomon Informatics and SEERC), Belgium (EBAN ASBL) and Italy (University of Turin and ComoNExT).

Entrepreneurs, SMEs and students have participated in the LAB, who in a very participatory manner have helped to identify the needs and uncertainties in this sector as unknown but as powerful as Blockchain technologies, and in particular encryption techniques. Insomnia is in charge of designing and elaborating the academic materials for this specific subject just mentioned.

The lab was organized in a way that no matter the level of expertise of the assistants. Insomnia introduced the Blockchain Technologies, DLT and its applications. Afterwards, we moved forward to the different encryption techniques and their uses and applications.

This lab that we have organized will serve as inspiration and guide for the development of the training materials that Insomnia has entrusted in the framework of the Project: the design and preparation of the training contents corresponding to Module 2 of the higher education plan: Encryption Techniques.

Location: Innsomnia, Muelle de Poniente s/n 46022 Valencia

Date: 30 july 2019