First Lab Event for DLT4ALL

EBAN is pleased to invite you to the first ever Lab Event organised for DLT4All, designed to make learning about blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies easy.

Join us at our offices in Brussels on May 15th to discuss decentralised autonomous organisations – a central part of blockchain technologies and the main idea behind how smart contracts are organized.

Our special guest for the event is Mr. Edward Vali, General Partner at Accelerate Venture Partners, the investment and advisory arm of a private family office with a primary focus on transformative technologies, blockchain applications, and tokenized business models.

During the event, there will be an interactive feedback session on Decentralized Autonomous Organisations learning module plans, which will allow the participants to influence what will be included and discussed in future material. Mr. Vali will also hold sessions on:

  • How universities can teach about DLT technologies and Blockchain
  • How investors (and startups) can use these concepts to benefit investments (and innovations).

DLT4All Lab Events, organised throughout May and June 2019, will present the work the project has done so far to develop a blockchain curriculum.

Come join EBAN on May 15th at our premises (Rue de la science 14b).

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