Tell Us What YOU Want to Know! Announcing the DLT4All Labs

DLT4All project partners have started an exciting year of developing an 8-module curriculum to address the lack of understanding regarding blockchain and DLT technologies among a variety of European stakeholders. As we are looking to develop a comprehensive curriculum that properly addresses the true needs of European students, entrepreneurs, investors, incubator managersand others interested in this new exciting way of looking at how our world is organized and run, we need your feedback!

The DLT4All consortium is proud to announce the upcoming “Lab” events in May and June 2019 (dates TBA), all with the aim of presenting the work done so far to develop learning and future training content. Each Lab will focus specifically on one or more of the thematic areas outlined in the project. At the end of each day-long event, we hope to collect as much feedback as possible from our real audience – you can be a part of the development of a comprehensive DLT curriculum, and learn what you want to know.

The Labs will be held by the consortium partners in their home countries on peer-to-peer database design (ComoNeXT), encryption techniques (Insomnia), consensus mechanisms (USC), digital signatures (UNITO), blockchain based decentralized applications (UNIC), and distributed organizations (EBAN), and a joint one on smart contracts (Gnomon) and property rights (SEERC).

Join us wherever you are, and become a part of the DLT savvy!

 Stay tuned for updates and detailed agendas.

If you would like to be kept updated about the project events and the DLT world in general, fill in the expression of interest formso we can stay in touch directly.